Kings Castle
Jeremy Risner

Jeremy Risner"As a youth pastor for 13 years and now as a lead pastor, I have led and participated in 9 missions trips with King's Castle, both in Nicaragua and El Salvador. Castle combines their passion, experience, and well-organized ministry to partner with your team for a great missions trip that will change yours, the lives of those you serve, as well as the team that serves. Not only can you count on your teams being used to their fullest, but that the investment you make will continue to reap a harvest beyond your time there. We have developed a lasting partnership with Castle as well as meaningful friendships with their team. What's more is that they provide ministry and discipleship opportunities beyond the traditional missions trip. We've had students participate in World Warriors, internships, and Last Harvest Master's Commission with fantastic results! Thanks Don and Terri and Castle Team!"

Katie Hough

Katie Hough"God really moved and worked through me while I was working with King's Castle. I always felt like I was called to do mission work, but after experiencing it, I know this is something that God has called me to do.

Matthew Copeland

Matthew Copeland"King's Castle is a wonderful place to hear and feel God's heart beating for His people."