Kings Castle
Audio/Video Studio
In the audio/video studios we produce music, dramas, radio shows and other special projects. Being a ministry based on dramas we are constantly in need of fresh materials for the streets and areas we work in. This department was formed out of this constant need for original materials.

Recently we expanded our base of materials to include the language of the Miskito Indians from Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua. We had a group of 6 come to El Salvador to learn how to preach, train teams, and everything else they could cram into the 6 months they were here. We never dreamed that we would be sending materials in their language back with them. I began talking to them and their leader about translating songs and recording them in Miskito, needless to say the project was ready by the time they left.

One night while recording the guys in the group began to cry. Later we found out that they were tears of joy because the guys said that no one had ever presented God to their people in their native language. Those who have ventured a mission to their culture have always brought the message in other languages, not unlike the traders & sailors who used to use their area as a trading port.

By producing materials in their native language we have brought the good news directly to them, meeting them on their level.