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Feeding Programs

Children Feeding Programs:

El Salvador has a large percentage of the population that is under-nourished. The largest portion is children. Thus, Compassion Ministries provides feeding programs to improve the diet of these malnourished young people. Compassion Ministries provides beans, rice, tortillas and a drink to those in need. With the cooperation of our doctor, we are able to determine those in need and thus, we concentrate our efforts only on those of greatest need. These programs are held twice each week.

Adult Milk Programs:

Various older adults are also deficient in basic nutrients and become grossly under-nourished. Compassion Ministries provides dry-milk supplements to these people. Again, using our doctor, Compassion Ministries assess health conditions and provide these supplements to those under normal standards of health. These programs are held once each month.

Infant Milk Programs:

Since general health among the poor of El Salvador is below acceptable standards, Compassion Ministries often sees babies that are significantly under-nourished because their mother lacks the capacity to provide reasonable nourishment. Thus, Compassion Ministries provide dry milk to the mothers of these children. With the participation of our doctor, we determine those babies that are under-nourished and provide milk to those children, until such time as they attain to normal standards of health. These programs are held once each month.