Kings Castle
Medical Clinics

North American Short-term Healthcare Clinics:

Within this general area, we have three types of healthcare efforts.

  1. North American doctors, nurses, dentists, hygienists, ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians and pharmacists, along with other support members, come to El Salvador to use their God-given skills to improve the general health of Salvadoran nationals. These clinics are held in churches and community centers in towns all through El Salvador.
  2. As our purpose states, we use these clinics to present the gospel of Jesus Christ while providing programs of better health to the people. We include in each clinic spiritual counselors who talk with every patient, determine their position in Christ, then either present the gospel (if unsaved) or pray for needs (if saved). At the end of each clinic, Compassion Ministries presents the names of those who accepted Christ to the pastor of the local church. He has committed to follow-up with these people, disciple them and seek to grow them in their faith and service to our Lord.

    During these clinics, we often see patients that have significant health problems. Some can be referred to our Salvadoran Healthcare Clinic Program. For those that require more, we attempt to meet needs through two other options.
  3. Healthcare Ministries Surgical Program is a separate organization that functions within the Assemblies of God. Healthcare professionals of all types participate in helping others through this program. As we have specific, surgical needs that become apparent, we attempt to make connections with this international program. If schedules and personnel allow, they come to El Salvador and provide services for the people.
  4. Compassion Ministries has worked with several doctors in El Salvador and has developed a network Salvadoran of healthcare professionals committed to helping the people of their country. Based on the nature of the case, Compassion Ministries uses this network to provide healthcare services to those in need.


Salvadoran Healthcare Clinics:

We are blessed to have men and women of God that are committing themselves to full-time service with the ministry. We currently have one doctor who manages the weekly healthcare clinics in El Salvador. These weekly clinics allow us to treat chronic disease and provide maintenance programs for those in need. Our current clinic schedule includes the following:

  • Monday: Bethel Bible Institute Medical Clinic - We consult with and treat members of the King's Castle Ministries team. This includes all Master’s Commission personnel and other non-paid staff of the ministry. We also include national pastors and their families in this group.
  • Tuesday: King’s Castle International Training Center - We consult and treat non-paid staff of the retreat center along with people from the communities near the facility.
  • Thursday: Las Delicias Operations Center – We consult and treat members of the church at Las Delicias along with members of this community.
  • Friday: Community Armadas Groups – We travel to different communities, with the ministry teams, to provide consultation and treatment to church members and community people.
  • Event Clinics: When special ministry events are held, Compassion Ministries provides clinics to consult and treat those in attendance.