Kings Castle
Sewing Factory

As a King's Castle bus pulls into a new community to reach out to the children with the love of Jesus, a clown os one of the first of the team to leave the bus.  His or her job is to walk the trails of the neighborhood, pockets loaded with candy, to greet the children and invite them to the Castle program where many of them will hear of the love of Jesus for the very first time.

The clowns play with the children, participate in funny skits with powerful, life changing messages, and help the children to feel at ease, so they will be ready to hear the Gospel as it is presented through every song and drama.  King's Castle clowns are a special part of every ministry program.

Of the 6.5 million people who live in El Salvador, 50% are under the age of 14.  Because the population is so young, and so many of the adults are illiterate, King's Castle uses active songs and dramas to present the Gospel, rather than traditional preaching.  To present biblical stories and truths, the teams dress in biblical costumes to make the Bible come alive for the audience.

All of these costumes are produced in King's Castle Costume/Sewing Department from donated fabric, thread, and notions.  All of the equipment and tools used by this department of the ministry are also donated, and teams from the U.S. come throughout the year to work here.

In addition to several hundred costumes each year, the department also makes cloth bags for distributing food to the poor.  Not only are plastic bags extremely expensive in El Salvador, many of the plastic bags burst during the process of packing and loading them onto trucks and busses.  After the earthquakes of 2001, the Sewing Department produced tens-of-thousands of cloth bags.  It is not unusual to go into poor communities and see ladies with skirts made from the bags or to see children with shirts or shorts made from them.