Kings Castle
Castle Club
Castle Club is a very unique 7 level discipleship program through which children from 9-12 years old learn 7 basic doctrines found in the Bible as taught by the Assemblies of God. They also learn how to be servants and, as part of the curriculum, must do good works in the home, the community, the church and at school. In the 4th level the students attend a retreat focused on who the Holy Spirit is and we minister the baptism in the Holy Spirit to equip them for ministry and a life consecrated to the Lord. In the 5th level the student begins ministry. He/she personally evangelizes at least 3 other children and begins to teach the doctrines that he/she learned in the first 3 levels. The children form an evangelism team in the 6th level and do presentations in parks, on street corners, in schools and wherever else possible to reach the lost. The Final level is dedicated to missions. The students learn about missions and the spiritual needs of the world and participate in a home missions trip.

After fulfilling the requirements of each level the children graduate and become Guardians of the Vision as the continue in ministry reaching more souls for Christ.

The Castle Club vision and the passion that burns constantly is to see revival spread throughout the children of El Salvador and the world. The Lord has given us and our staff a dream and burden bigger than ourselves; it is Godsize.

We are presently working very hard to train as many people as we can all over El Salvador to do the Castle Club program in their community, church, school or any other place where children are found in need of the Gospel message.

Our Vision also includes taking the Castle Club program to other countries. I spent a month in Nicaragua with one of our staff members, Rosita Recinas. We trained over 300 people who are now beginning to disciple children in different places all over the country. We have also received invitations from Costa Rica, Argentina, Uruguay and Los Angeles, California.

A couple of the many other goals that we have for Castle Club are to expand the radio programs that we have in order to reach more children and eventually have a Castle Club television program run by children for children.

Our dreams are big, but so is our God. We know that He is with us. We want to ask you, "Are you with us?" Please say, "Yes!" We would love to have you join us in prayer for Castle Club and the thousands of children that we are reaching.