Kings Castle
Method of Ministry
The ministries of King's Castle are indeed diverse, as we strive to respond to wide range of the physical and spiritual needs of the people of El Salvador and Nicaragua, but our principal method of minisry has always been through the avenues of drama and "spectacle evangelism".


When our evangelism teams invade the streets, they are quick to win the attention of people and draw a crowd.  Typically equipped with bright costumes and a moving dramatization to a quality song or soundtrack, curious spectators soon become drawn in to our core message of every program; that "Jesus saves and is coming soon."

Our method of spectacle evangelism goes far beyond music and drama.  We conduct clowns, parades, puppet shows, illustrated sermons, and human videos; we've even had a world-champion yo-yoer perform on the streets to draw a crowd.  The motto of our method has always been (in Spanish), "utilizando todo los medios que estan a nuestro alcance", which means:

Our principal purpose is not to simply to present a spectacle but to take to the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of El Salvador, Nicaragua, and the ends of the earth.  We are committed to the helping people who receive Jesus in our programs to find a healthy home church where they can produce good fruit and continue to mature in Christ.

Many of our evangelistic programs are combined with humanitarian efforts, wherein we host medical clinics and feeding programs, responding to the physical needs of the people.  At the heart of even these programs, we strategically integrate our method of spectacle evangelism to present a clear proclaimation of the gospel to each person.


Our greatest desire is to see El Salvador, Nicaragua, Latin America, and the world transformed for Jesus Christ.  In 2004, we will host thousands of young people in El Salvador, as they storm this nation, proclaiming the transforming power of Jesus Christ.