Kings Castle
International Training Center

Known to nationals as "the castles at the lake" and by Castle staff as "The King's Paradise", the King's Castle International Training Center is an awe-inspiring ministry complex seated in the mouth of an extinct volcano, which now encases one of El Salvador's largest natural lakes.

The International Training Center contains both male and female dormitories, a gymnasium, on-site medical clinic, a dining hall, additional housing (including the well known "Ohio House"), an industrial size warehouse, a swimming pool, soccer field, and horse stables.

The most memorable experience for anyone visiting on a mission trip is undoubtedly the "Prayer Fortress". Nestled in the densely wooded mountainside, this castle tower stands tall above the rest. The Prayer Fortress consists of three levels. The first level is housing for the Prayer Fortress Team (staff), the second level is used for chapel, seminars, and occassional weddings, and the third level is a 24-hour prayer vigil which has proceeded non-stop since October 31, 1998.

The International Training Center is more than a spectacular sight, it is the heart of King's Castle Ministries and the home of our visiting missions teams from the United States and other nations of the world.

A view of the International Training Center from the air