Kings Castle
Pastor's Kids

PK Retreat2006 King's Castle Ministries hosted the annual Pastors' Kids Retreat at the beautiful International Training Center of El Salvador. 

2006 King's Castle Ministries hosted the annual Pastor's Kids Retreat at the CAMLOT Training Center in Nicaragua.

2007 PK Retreats coming up in December and it takes 12 months to prepare we will post new photos when they are available.

It is difficult for many PK's to grow up in the demanding environment of a pastor's home in Central America.  This retreat provides children with a few days of clean, open air, away from the city, to capture a few refreshing days of challenge and play.  The children are able to interact with other Pastors' Kids, who face the same joys and challenges they do, in a special way apart from everyday life.

PK RetreatThe children enjoy action packed days of spiritual challenges, team building exercises, and high paced games.  From maneuvering through the obstacle course to powerful worship services, the children are impacted in ways that will mark them for a lifetime.   


PK RetreatA very special part of the PK Retreat is the distribution of Christmas Gifts.  The majority of these children come from very poor families and they greatly anticipate "PK Day", where they know they will receive a special gift.  Children divide into age groups and wait in line for their special Christmas gift.  Many of the boys receive soccer balls or toy cars while the girls receive dolls or plush toys.  Some children are so overwhelmed with joy that they leave their gift wrapped until they return home, so they can share the excitement of opening it with their family.  The Christmas festivities climax with the children breaking open piñatas full of candy.

The Pastors' Kids Retreat is a life-changing experience for these children and a vital part of the ministry to children and youth in Nicaragua & El Salvador.  We have been getting ready all year gathering toys, funds and food for our 2007 Pastor's Kids Retreats in Nicaragua & El Salvador.