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World Warriors

World Warriors 2015

King’s Castle International

June 16-July 26, 2015

“Networking all available resources to reach ALL the children of the world with the Message that Jesus saves and is coming soon...” -Kingʼs Castle International  


Last Harvest World Warriors invasion transformation of the nations.

Thank you for your interest in the 2015 Last Harvest World Warrior program.  We believe Last Harvest World Warriors will impact your life powerfully as you prepare for the future. During the summer of 2014, we saw God move in many amazing ways through miracles, signs, wonders, deliverance, and SALVATIONS!! Please partner with us in prayer for the 2015 Last Harvest World Warriors transformation invasion of the nations.

We believe God is calling an army of students to assemble with a “call to the nations” in 2015. We are asking God for hundreds of high school and college students who are willing to accept the call of God in 2015 to do something great for the Great Commission. Give 6 weeks, and consider a lifetime. If you have been interested in missions, especially, if God has given you a “call to the nations,” this trip if for you.

Here are testimonies from previous World Warriors:

“Being a World Warrior was a great experience for me. As a World Warrior, I felt I was really on the mission field. Although, the circumstances are hard and uncomfortable, I learned to really and truly depend on God. World Warriors was the step I needed. I wanted more than just a regular AIM trip. I wanted not just a greater adventure, but also a greater spiritual encounter; World Warriors was it! God used me in ways I could never have imagined possible. World Warriors was six weeks filled with adventure, spiritual development, and reaching things I never thought possible with the help of God.” -Shaira Pacheco

          The time I spent in Central America this summer was absolutely amazing!  I can't say my 6 weeks there were easy. They certainly weren't. But every moment, every step, and every program was worth it. Boot camp was tough, but looking back, we could all see how necessary it was for the things we faced during ministry. It changed us, grew us, strengthened us, and prepared us for ministry. I learned and grew so much personally, and we all grew so strong as a team; during boot camp and our 4 weeks of ministry. We developed friendships that will last forever.


          We saw God do amazing things - not only in the people we were ministering to, but in and through us as well. It's such a blessing to be able to encourage a church just by being there, to be able to pray with the kids as they accept Jesus into their hearts, to be able to teach local teams new songs and dramas, and so much more. Every minute is a blessing.  Every day we were stretched outside of our comfort zones, but God walked with us through it all. We can look at the statistics of our trip; how many people were reached, prayed for, etc.; and all the glory goes to God. If we give Him ourselves, He will use us to do great things for Him. If you are called to missions, or believe that missions may be God's plan for your life, then I would encourage you to go to El Salvador as a World Warrior. It's a life changing experience you will never forget. – Breanne Pierce


We are accepting students between the ages of 16 to 21 years old as Last Harvest World Warriors. The dates are June 16 through July 26, 2015. To officially begin your journey as a World Warrior, you MUST complete the Last Harvest World Warriors application. It takes at least 3 months to process your applications, so do this as soon as possible.

The total package of $2,100 includes training materials, room, board, shirts, and transportation within Central America. The cost does not include REQUIRED insurance through AGWM or airfare to Central America. It does include travel within the countries you will be working in. (Note: This amount only includes in country expenses and does not include your airfare to and from El Salvador and the United States.)

We hope to see you next summer as a Last Harvest World Warrior! We are praying for you.

Your missionaries,

Don & Terri Triplett

Last Harvest World Warriors Application Checklist

Application deadline: April 1, 2015

Flight Itinerary deadline: April 20, 2015

Per Diem & Insurance Funds deadline: May 20, 2015 


King’s Castle World Warriors

Leaders: Don & Terri Triplett

Terri Triplett –


Coordinator/Temporary Guardian: Kellie Norris

Kellie Norris –


 Fundraising Ideas


1.) Pray. Start by praying for the trip and for the Lord’s will. If He wants you to go on this trip, He will provide your every need.

2.) Letters. Write a letter on what you plan to do this summer, make it about a page long, sign it, and send it out to at least 50-100 family members and friends. (The more you send them to, the better.) Letters are more effective than e-mails, but if you don’t have their address, send e-mails, too. Letters are most effective if you put a little envelope inside already stamped and addressed to you, so all that they need to do is put money in the envelope and in the mail.

3.) Talk to people at your church. After service, go share your vision with people. Go out to eat with people and share your vision for this summer.

4.) Talk to your Pastors. Talk to the youth pastor, children’s pastor, senior pastor or his secretary. You may approach them after a service, or set up an appointment to talk to them and ask if they could support you.

5.) Call friends and family.

6.) Fundraisers.

Do a Last Harvest World Warrior car wash, and get people from your youth group involved.

Sell miles based on about $2,100 miles to get to El Salvador, where World Warriors starts. Make a sheet and mark off the miles that you sell at $1 per mile.

Do a walk-a-thon. Have people sponsor miles; and have other people join the cause and get their miles sponsored. You could ask people how much money they would be willing to sponsor for each mile you walk in 2 hours.

$2 Mondays.  Ask friends and family to give $2 every Monday for the rest of the year to missions. You could do a $2 Sunday if you wanted to, and sign people up to give toward your trip every Sunday. (Make a list of sponsors you will look for each Sunday.)

$10 Challenge. You need 200 people to give $10. You could really even do a 20 challenge and have 200 people give you $20. A lot of people would gladly give $20 to missions.